Hiroshi Sugimoto ORIGINS OF ART | Religion


Date: Sun. 28 August 2011 - Sun. 6 November 2011
Hours: 10:00-18:00 (Admission until 30 minutes before closing time) Open everyday

Organized by Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, The MIMOCA Foundation
Subsidized by ASAHI BEER ARTS FOUNDATION, Japan Center for Local Autonomy
Cooperation provided by Odawara Art Foundation, Gallery Koyanagi

Admission: Adults ¥950, Students (college, university) ¥650, Children (0 year to highschool) free
* Ticket valid for admission to Permanent Collection.

Following up on “Science,” “Architecture” and “History,” our unprecedented year-long exhibition program begun in November 2010 Hiroshi Sugimoto: The Origins of Art comes to its final installment: "Religion," a theme chosen in the conviction that art must retrace its sources and seek out the very beginnings of consciousness. As Sugimoto says, “the time has come for us look back in order to read the unforeseeable that lies ahead.”
The exhibition comprises new displays of photographic works and new installations, including Sugimoto's Seascape evocations of oceanic time immemorial, a Heian period standing Jūichimen Kannon, and a 14th century bust of Christ. Also premiering is his Sea of Buddha printed in large scale for the first time depicting a thousand standing figures of the Thousand-Armed Kannon Bodhisattva photographed at Sanjusangendo temple in Kyoto as they would have been first viewed under natural lighting conditions at the time, as well as Five Elements, a model pagoda symbolizing Buddhist cosmology rendered in optical glass with a Seascape sealed inside.
We hope the many provocative images and objects will give viewers a full sense of Sugimoto's art and cause to reflect upon of the profound connections between art and religion.

1. Caribbean Sea, Jamaica, 1980
3. Bust of Christ, 14th century
3. Standing Figure of Jūichimen Kannon (Ekadāsamukha) and Seascapes, Installation view from "Hiroshi Sugimoto: History of History" at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, 2008-09
Jūichimen Kannon: Heian period (10-11th century), Seascapes: 1980-1995
4. Five Elements (Boden Sea, Uttwil) 2011
Pagoda, 2010/ Inlaid Seascape film, 1993

all images ©Hiroshi Sugimoto / Courtesy of Gallery Koyanagi
reproduction forbidden

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