About Genichiro Inokuma

Photo: Akira KINOSHITA
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Biography of Genichiro Inokuma

1902 Born in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, where he spent his youth.
1921 Graduates from Marugame Middle School (now, Kagawa Prefectural Marugame Senior HIgh School).
1922 Enters Tokyo Fine Arts School (now, Tokyo University of the Arts), where he studied under Takeji Fujishima.
1926 First selected for inclusion in the Imperial Art Acadmy's 7th Art Exhibition. (Until 1934, Inokuma would mainly be active in the exhibition. He was also specially selected for the 10th and 14th events.)
1936 Forms the Shinseisaku-ha Kyokai (now, Shinseisaku Kyokai) with like-minded artists such as Masayoshi Ise, Iwao Uchida, Ryohei Koiso, Kei Sato, Yasushi Santa, Toshio Nakanishi, Kazu Wakita, and Makoto Suzuki.
1938 Studies in France (until 1940), and receives some instruction from Henri Matisse.
1955 Leaves Japan with the intention of studying in Paris again, but attracted to New York, where he has stopped en route, ends up staying there and working for a period of some 20 years.
1975 Gives up his New York studio, and begins spending winters in Hawaii and working the rest of the year in Tokyo.
1989 Donates 1,000 of his works to the city of Marugame.
1991 Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art opens.
1992 Submits a document specifying his intention to donate all of his works to Marugame, after which everything is gradually moved to the museum.
1993 Dies in Tokyo at the age of 90.

Photo: Akira KINOSHITA
reproduction forbidden