Sat.2 April 2022 - Sun.3 July 2022
Closed: Mondays (except 2 May)
In 1975, Genichiro Inokuma left New York after living there for 20 years and started to split his time in Tokyo and Hawaii. This exhibition will show works from his later years starting then, featuring works with titles including two items such as "Circle and Square (1977)," produced throughout this period. As the images evolve, other diverse objects besides the two items in the title, both abstract and concrete, start to coexist within the plane, intricately arranged by the artist to create a harmonious balance. With such various objects incorporated, some works may be more difficult to decipher than others, but the titles will act as clues to unlocking the images. Utilizing the clues, Inokuma's aesthetic values in which he aimed to create a space where diverse objects peacefully coexist will be exemplified in this exhibition. [Detail]

Genichiro Inokuma, Circle and Square, 1977
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