Date: Sat 17 June - Mon 18 September 2023
Closed: Mondays (except 17 July, 18 September), Tue 18 July
Koji Nakazono (1989–2015) was a creator of unforgettable paintings of jewel-like chromatic variety. Based in the Kanto region following his graduation from Tokyo University of the Arts, Nakazono then found himself drawn to the climate and character of Kagawa, on the Seto Inland Sea, and in 2014 moved there, only to tragically pass away the following year at the age of twenty-five. Soulmate is the largest-ever exhibition of his work in Kagawa, his last home. [Detail]

"Koji Nakazono: Soulmate" flyer, designed by Yurie Hata

Sudō Reiko : Making NUNO Textiles
8 October 2023 - 10 December 2023
closed: Mondays (except 9 October 2023), 10 October 2023
Textile Designer Sudō Reiko's International Traveling Exhibition, Japan Premiere!

Installation view at Japan House London, 2021
©️Japan House London

23 December 2013 - 10 March 2014
closed: Mondays, 25-31 December 2023
Contemporary art points to the art of living in the present

Hiroyo Kaneko, Halo from Appearance, 2019
©️Hiroyo Kaneko