Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (MIMOCA) held a workshop on June 24 (Saturday), July 2 (Sunday) and July 17 (Sunday & Public Holiday) titled “MIMOCA—Look At This! Let’s Make a Map,” followed by a tour on September 17 (Sunday), titled “A Children’s Guided Tour.” This report covers this series of events.

The aim of this workshops was for children to discover the appeal and attraction of MIMOCA through their own eyes and to consider how best to put together the information to convey this to others.

The program outline was as follows:

- Day 1--Exploring the Art Museum (90 minutes)
- Day 2--Discussions (210 minutes)
- Day 3--Creating the Maps (210 minutes)

So that the children could create realistic and authentic maps, the museum appointed professional editor Mio Subana* as an instructor. Over the three-day period, the participants created maps with highlights of their recommendations.

A total of fourteen children from Grade 1 to Grade 6 participated in this workshop.

Workshop Flyer

● Day 1--Exploring the Art Museum
After a call out by Ms Subana, the children split up into three groups and explored MIMOCA.

They explored the Gate Plaza on Level 1, the Entrance Hall, the Museum Shop, the Creative Studio on Level 2, the Galleries, Art Center, the Art Library, the Cascade Plaza on Level 3, the bridge, and the large staircase from Level 1 to Level 3.


Photos taken by the children

The children commented on the features which they particularly liked--"There was something that looked like a curtain of water," "From the window, you can see the café, the station and a work that looks like hair," "The sofa's so soft," "When I sat on the chair, it tilted, and I slipped down."

You can see the children discovering the appeal and attraction of MIMOCA, whether intuitively or as a result of careful observation.




● Day 2--Discussions
After learning from Ms Subana about what "editing" involved, the participants looked together at different kinds of maps in preparation for creating their own maps.


The group then decided on the role to be played by each participant, ensuring that each participant can make the most of what he or she was good at, or wanted to do, in roles such as "Chief Editor," "Designer," "Illustrator," "Writer," or "Photographer."

It was then time to start creating the maps. The children first discussed what would be the theme of the group's map and what form the map would take. Then they began drawing a rough sketch of the map. The participants carefully selected the information, ensuring that the reader of the map would be able to read and understand the amount of information included in the map.





● Day 3--Creating the Maps
The participants then embarked on creating the final versions, based on their rough sketches.
Their comments, such as "Let's write the title in bold in a color that stands out," "Let's stick some paper on it," and "Let's have pieces of paper that you can turn," reflect their attempts to ensure that the end result would be easy to read and enjoyable for those looking at the map.


All three groups succeeded in completing their MIMOCA Look At This! map. Feedback from the participating children included comments such as "We found out a lot about MIMOCA," "It was hard work doing all that writing but it was fun," and "I enjoyed deciding on the design."

Ms Subana summed up the process as follows--"The perspective typical of children was really interesting and the final maps were filled with the different attractions of MIMOCA. I'd be delighted if children would become interested in editing as the result of this workshop."

● The Goal--To Become Child Guides!
A Guided Tour run by children was held on September 17 (Sunday) to present the results of the workshop. As prior applications were not required for the tour, it was run on a first come first serve basis. A total of twenty-four visitors, split into three groups, took part in the tour.

With the children taking on the role of tour guides, it was a fun and lively tour and included a quiz aimed at the participants, with the child guides asking questions such as "What's the title of the work in the Gate Plaza?" or calling out to the tour participants to touch the Cascade Plaza's black wall.

Feedback from the tour participants included comments such as "It's a wonderful art museum, with a breeze and sunlight cascading through the stairway, while the galleries are full of light" and "I appreciated the way the children interpreted the wonder of, and mystery behind, the names of each work of art."
The tour provided an opportunity for the participants to acquaint themselves with the "Look at this!" highlights from a child's perspective, and we believe that this led to new discoveries of MIMOCA's attractions.





We will continue to design programs featuring activities that friends and siblings of the participants, and other children, will want to become involved in.

Here the MIMOCA Look At This! maps that each group created.
We encourage you to refer to these maps and explore the building when you visit MIMOCA.

Group: MIMOCA Investigation Team
Map Theme: Secret Hidden Mystery--the Nature version
こっそりかくれミステリー 自然へん(PDF)

Group: MIMOCA Hare and Tortoise Team
Map Theme: MIMOCA Quiz Map

Group: MIMOCA Research Center
Map Theme: MIMOCA Complete Capture Map--Q&A
ミモカ完全こう略マップ ~Q&A~(PDF)

The MIMOCA Look At This! maps, the result of this workshop, will be made available for the enjoyment of general visitors and the next generation of children who visit MIMOCA.

⚫︎Mio Subana
Director of mooi Inc., an editing and copyright coordinating company, Subana spent her high school years in the Netherlands. After graduating from Sophia University's journalism department, she worked at a publishing company in Tokyo as a book editor, also gaining experience as a copyright coordinator, purchasing copyright from overseas publishers. She went on to establish a florist in Ebisu which showcased her editing skills, after which she moved to Kagawa in 2015. After working for five years in the editing departments of Setouchi Gurashi and Setouchi Style magazines, she launched her own business in 2020.

Text: Satoko Shimada

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