Past Exhibitions from the Collection


Genichiro Inokuma: A Retrospective

4 February 2012 - 4 March 2012
Words Remained by Hand, 1991
©The MIMOCA Foundation

Genichiro Inokuma: Changes in styles of painting during his stay in New York

18 March 2012 - 1 July 2012
We exhibit Genchiro Inokuma's pictures that were painted during a twenty years stay in New York since 1955, in chronological order.

Landscape EV, 1972
©The MIMOCA Foundation

Genichiro Inokuma: Flying in a Canvas

15 July 2012 - 23 September 2012
This exhibition focuses on Inokuma's works from 1975 during his stay in Hawaii.

Walking Windows, 1984
©The MIMOCA Foundation

Genichiro Inokuma:Depicting People

7 October 2012 - 6 January 2013
This exhibition will feature Inokuma’s paintings of human figure from his early years and his time in France.

Three Girls and Bicycles, 1938
©The MIMOCA Foundation