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Sat. 18 April 2020 - Sun. 28 June 2020
Tue. 2 June 2020 - Tue. 22 September 2020
MIMOCA has newly reopened after renovation work to ensure the museum a long building life. On this occasion, we are returning to our beginnings to reaffirm Genichiro Inokuma's views on the role of art and his methods of giving beauty to daily life with his artworks. We reproduce the kitchen/living room of Inokuma's late-period Denenchofu house and demonstrate the use of his artworks in orchestrating a lifestyle. We also feature examples of Inokuma-design furniture and wrapping paper, and take a present-day look at his foremost works of public art. [Detail]

Genichiro Inokuma, Freedom, 1951, photo collage by Takashi Homma, ©Takashi Homma

11 July 2020 - 27 September 2020
13 October 2020 - 11 January 2021
Closed: Mondays (except 23 November, 11 January 2021), Tue. 24 November, 25 - 31 December 2020
Windows—a common, indispensable part of our lives. Square or rectangular in shape, they frame the world outside for us to see. People have long perceived a close link between windows and paintings, which also frame for us a world existing elsewhere. As the times have progressed, this link has also been extended to photographs, films, and art installations.
In architecture, windows of varied form and character have continually been devised in every age and region, in response to aesthetic trends and the development of new technologies suiting the regional climate.
This exhibition—which is enhanced by insights from the Window Research Institute—presents window-related artworks ranging from paintings by Pierre Bonnard and Paul Klee to works by contemporary artists. Also featured are valuable drawings by architects such as Le Corbusier and Louis I. Kahn. We invite you to explore the wide world of windows from multiple perspectives.

Wolfgang Tillmans, windowbox (47-37), 2000, collection of WAKO WORKS OF ART