11 July 2020 - 27 September 2020
13 October 2020 - 11 January 2021
Closed: Mondays (except 23 November, 11 January 2021), Tue. 24 November, 25 - 31 December 2020
Windows—a common, indispensable part of our lives. Square or rectangular in shape, they frame the world outside for us to see. People have long perceived a close link between windows and paintings, which also frame for us a world existing elsewhere. As the times have progressed, this link has also been extended to photographs, films, and art installations.
In architecture, windows of varied form and character have continually been devised in every age and region, in response to aesthetic trends and the development of new technologies suiting the regional climate.
This exhibition—which is enhanced by insights from the Window Research Institute—presents window-related artworks ranging from paintings by Pierre Bonnard and Paul Klee to works by contemporary artists. Also featured are valuable drawings by architects such as Le Corbusier and Louis I. Kahn. We invite you to explore the wide world of windows from multiple perspectives.

Wolfgang Tillmans, windowbox (47-37), 2000, collection of WAKO WORKS OF ART

23 January 2021 - 7 March 2021
We are normally attentive to color when looking at things. We choose clothing and other products by how much we like their color, for instance. When viewing a painting, as well, it is fun to simply delight in its colors, hues, and color contrasts. Entering the world of the painting, we will feel surprise at the beauty of color, take joy in unexpected color effects, and discover the personality and characteristics of the artist.
This exhibition looks at paintings by Genichiro Inokuma (1902-1993) in the way we naturally learn in everyday life—by giving attention to color regardless of what the object is. Inokuma's paintings are characterized by rich colors, but here, our first step is to take up three colors—red, yellow, and blue—and "pay attention to color.” If we look at works in each of these colors, first, followed by works freely combining red, yellow, and blue and, finally, works adding other colors, the paintings will quickly grow familiar to us. Through color, the magical world of painting opens its doors.

Genichiro Inokuma, Two Gates, 1987 ©The MIMOCA Foundation

Sat 20 March - Sun 6 June 2021
Closed: Mondays (except 3 May), Thu 6 May
The “face” is a composite of sense organs: eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. If we include the skin, the face enables not only sight and hearing but all five senses. By means of faces we identify other people and communicate with them, trying to know what is in their heart. By means of faces we live and function in society.
This exhibition looks at this important but elusive communicator, the face. Artworks by ten artists are featured taking three approaches—“Me and You,” “Faces and Relationships,” and “Play with Faces.” We invite you to meet faces of all kinds through artworks of many genres and periods. [Detail]

Designed by Satoko Miyakoshi

19 June 2021 - 5 September 2021
Closed: Mondays (except 9 August), Tue. 10 August
Temporarily closed: Tue. 17 August - Tue. 31 August Sun. 5 September
Genichiro Inokuma (1902-93) lived and worked in New York for about 20 years from the mid-1950s.This exhibition will feature paintings from Inokuma’s New York period along with films and photos he shot there and examples of the gallery exhibition leaflets and other materials he amassed, so as to show this phase of his career and the background of that time. Visitors will enjoy strolling through the exhibition in the way Genichiro Inokuma enjoying walking around New York. [Detail]

Genichiro Inokuma in New York, Courtesy of BUNGEISHUNJU

18 September 2021 - 5 December 2021
Temporarily closed: Sat. 18 September - Thu. 30 September
Closed: Mondays (except 20 September), Tue 21 September

Takeji Fujishima, Breaking Waves at Daio(-) Misaki, 1932, Collection of MIE Prefectural Art Museum